So… I started a blog! Who am I??? The truth is, this is something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time or, if I’m being real, the courage to actually commit to. Well, maybe I’m being a little dramatic (typical), but putting myself out there…opening up my life to the world wide interwebs and all those online bullies and trolls (please don’t attack me!!) is kinda scary! I kept thinking what if it’s a big #FAIL or what if not a single person reads this? What if no one “likes” me? And then immediately after, I thought, but what if I never try…and quite frankly, that to me is a much scarier thought. NO RAGRATS!! So, here I am! And this is my spot! CristinaInColour. I’m here for ME. Doing ME. Because I love to create, write and find joy in sharing. Catch me here DIYing, designing, styling, glamming and dancing, my way through #momlife, #wifelife, the #EXTRAlife. It’s my happy place. My creative space… to inspire and BE INSPIRED.

You might be wondering where the name came from? Well, like I said, for months I’ve been contemplating starting this blog. Every night after I had put my boys to bed I’d stay up scrolling through the coolest IG feeds and blog posts. Everyone’s feed looked so modern and hip, often monochrome and themed. I was like “okay…starting tomorrow, I’m going to make an effort to make my Instagram feed super cool and trendy,”(seriously I love those pretty feeds of yours…you know who you are!) Yeah, that didn’t happen. It’s actually much harder than you think! Especially when the closest thing you have to a cool cafe shot is your kid’s play kitchen and that monochrome look doesn’t exactly match the legos scattered on your floors.

I finally clued in and thought, WHY IN THE WORLD am I trying to be someone or something, I am so clearly NOT? I live a b e a u t  i f u l, BEAUTY-FULL and colourful life. Yes, it’s messy, it’s fast, it’s tiring, it’s hard but it is happy, it is bright and it’s real. It’s Me. And what I’ve always, always wanted. Seriously, this crazy, chaotic, colourful life was once a dream to me. And I dream in colour. And I’m cool with that.

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  1. So very proud of you Tin! Loved reading this post and how you came up with the name. Your style of writing, content, and talent for designing and crafting will most definitely get you lots of followers. Looking forward to reading more blogs and seeing how this journey unfolds. Xoxo


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